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June 8, 2008

Modify default Exchange 2003 OWA url.

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If you have a specific machine for Outlook Web Access, you may want users to go to instead of . This is a simple change to the default web site on the machine that is hosting OWA.

It is more effective when used with Exchange 2003/2007 and Forms Based Authentication, as the users get a web page immediately – and without any authentication prompts – providing a level of confirmation that they have hit the correct address.

1. Start IIS Manager
2. Right click on the “Default Web Site” and choose “Properties”.
3. Click on the “Home Directory” tab.
4. Change the first option to “A redirection to a URL”.
5. Enter “/exchange” in to the box (minus quotes)
6. Change the entry below to “A directory below URL entered”.
7. Click Apply/OK.
If you are prompted about changing child objects, click cancel so that nothing else is changed.
8. Close the IIS Manager.
9. Test.


Hardening Exchange Server 2003

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This guide is designed to provide you with essential information about how to harden your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 environment. In addition to practical hands-on configuration recommendations.

Get free ssl certificate for 90 days

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Get free ssl certificate for 90 days, from This is suited for lab and test environment.
Free SSL Certificates provide full Secure Sockets Layer functionality for 90 days and are issued using the same Trusted Root Certificate Authority (CA) that issues our end-entity Certificates. Comodo’s Free Trial Certificates provides 99.3 percent browser consistency, and they are NOT issued by a different test CA. This unique service helps you fully test your system before your live roll out.

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